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Our Produce

The Acorn Creek Garden Farm offers a wide variety of fruits and vegetable already picked and ready for sale for the convenience of our customers. All our in season produce is available for pickup at our farm, Carp and Ottawa Farmers' Markets.

Notethat fruits and vegetables listed below are seasonal produce. They are not available year round or even throughout the spring, summer or fall. To find out what's currently in season and available please check our online store. For a general overview of when items are in season please see our Harvest Calendar


Salad Greens & Edible Flowers

We grow multiple greens items for outstanding fresh salads including different Lettuce varieties through multiple Microgreens, as well as Mesclun Mixes.

Take your salads, deserts and mains to the next level with beautiful Edible Flowers. Your choice of all one kind or variety packs of Bachelor Buttons, Begonias, Dianthus, Fuschia, Miniature Marigolds, Nasturtiums, Snapdragons, Violas and more (depending on the season). 


Fresh Produce (Vegetables, Greens, Herbs etc.)

Direct from our fields and greenhouses to your table, Acorn Creek grows 40 types including over 400 varieties of vegetables each year. From asparagus to zucchini you name it and we probably grow it!



Our locally grown fruit is picked at its optimum ripeness for full flavour, not picked early and left to ‘ripen’ in transport.

Our plump sweet Strawberries are available in late June, as well as September through October.

We grow over 40 varieties of melons. Some are very sweet. Some are very fragrant. Some are very flavorful. Melons begin to ripen in late August and are available through the fall. 


Naturally Cindy's Preserves

Whether you like hot, sour, savoury or sweet, we have you covered with Naturally Cindy’s preserves.

Using our own fresh picked produce, Cindy makes a wide variety of preserves ranging from hot sauces to jams and jellies to pickles, relishes, salsas and sauerkraut in her country kitchen. 


Dried & Frozen Produce

BBQ Rubs, Pepper Powders to Popcorn, we produce a variety of dried items.
From growing to final packaging, all of our dried goods are processed at the farm (dehydrating, smoking, grinding, powdering etc.).

Freshly frozen fruits and vegetables from our farm are available all year, as long as quantities last. 



We grow over 100 varieties of herb and vegetable plants.

For Herbs, chose from common and unique annual, biennial and perennial varieties. Our herbs are sold in 3” pots.

Whether you’re new to vegetable gardening or a seasoned pro, you’ll appreciate getting a head start with our large variety of potted vegetable plants. They have all done well in our fields so should do well for you. All are hardened off and ready for planting! 

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