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A Bio of Andy and Cindy Terauds

Cindy and Andy Terauds are the owners of the Acorn Creek Garden Farm. Each graduated with an honors degree in Agriculture from Macdonald College of McGill University. 

The idea of creating and operating a garden farm goes back to Cindy's childhood when, at the age of six, she convinced her father to invest in a little garden where she grew fruits and vegetables and sold them to the public. Her childhood dream was to own a garden farm 


growing fruits and vegetables for sale to the public. By 1976, Cindy and Andy had married and were ready to begin building their dream farm.  

Acorn Creek Garden Farm began operations in the fall of 1978 on 100 acres near the village of Carp in the Ottawa River Valley in Ontario, near Ottawa and Kanata. The farm was carefully selected because of its rich clay-loam soil and the ground fed creek running through it year round. The heavy soil grows better tasting produce and the stream is used to irrigate the farm.  

The first crop of produce offered to the public was strawberries. The variety (and quality) of fruits and vegetables continued to increase as Andy and Cindy researched and experimented with new varieties. The demand for vegetables has doubled each year. Today, the farm grows 50 crops, consisting of 600 varieties of fruits and vegetables.

Two greenhouses were added in 1986. Another greenhouse dedicated to tomatoes was added in 1999. Still another was added in 2001. Acorn Creek now produces a wide variety of bedding plants including: 550 varieties of vegetables, 70 varieties of herbs (25 varieties of basil alone) and 50 varieties of melons.

Acorn Creek would not have prospered without almost constant innovation. In 1983, for example, Andy began experimenting with growing new varieties of melons, specifically trying several scientifically developed methods and adopting them to our northern conditions. Since melons are a southern crop, they need a lot of heat. The best combination of techniques developed include planting small transplants from the greenhouse through a special bio-plastic to give the little transplants plenty of food and moisture. Melons which normally mature in 90 days can be ripened in as little as 75 days. But the most important criteria for selecting among the varieties was exceptional taste.

Andy has participated in the Carp Farmer's Market since it was started in 1990 both as a vendor selling fruits and vegetables on Saturdays throughout the summer as well as serving on the executive of the Board of Carp Farmers' Market.

Acorn Creek sells to about 35 of the best restaurants in Ottawa, including the Governor General’s residence.

In 2006 Andy cofounded the Ottawa Farmers’ Market along with Gerry Rochon. It has grown by leaps and bounds because customers appreciate that only produce and products grown or made by the vendor are allowed. It is now the largest producer based farmers’ market in Ontario.

Andy and Cindy welcome visitors to the farm where they may be greeted by Prince and Tom, two friendly cats. 

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