Acorn Creek Potted Plants, Herbs and Houseplants


Hundreds of varieties of common and unusual annual flowers are available at the Acorn Creek greenhouses. All our flowers are grown in individual cells or pots. This means roots for each plant are confined to a single cell. This technique aids growth and promotes the health of the plant since there is no transplant shock to the roots when the plants would otherwise be ripped apart. The plants can thrive and grow as soon as they are in the ground.

Our plants are cared for by individuals who are interested in their well-being. They look great and do well in your garden. Expert advice form Cindy and her staff is always available.


The Acorn Creek Garden Farm grows unusual varieties of houseplants such as Dwarf Pomegranate and Dwarf Papaya. Flowers such as Datura, Calla Lily, Hibiscus, Burrows Tails and a few others are also available.


Choose from about 150 varieties of annual, biennial and perennial herbs. Most are for culinary purposes but some serve medicinal purposes. The herb varieties are sold in small pots. The seeded varieties have several plants in the pot. When reproducing herbs from cuttings, we put one healthy plant in each pot. Over 25 varieties of basil are grown on the farm. We grow them of course because our customers like them.

Hot Peppers and Chili Peppers

Two of the most popular and rapidly growing classes of products are hot peppers and chili peppers. Five of the most popular varieties include:
                        1) Red Habanero                                2) Thai Hot
                        3) Serrano                                          4) Scotch Bonnet
                        5) Super Chili

Some of the plants are grown in our hot greenhouses which would otherwise be empty in the summer. This gives the plants the heat they need to make really hot fruit and vegetables. Many varieties are difficult to mature in the north. Customers can buy them in pots for their own use but we also dry them for sale. They include: Dried peppers (in bags & ristras). For further information on our dried pepper produce, see Dried Products page.

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