Freshly Picked Fruits and Vegetables for Sale

The Acorn Creek Garden Farm offers a wide variety of fruits and vegetable already picked and ready for sale for the convenience of customers. For information regarding pickup and/or delivery orders, please refer to the pickup orders page or in the index above.

Note that the fruits and vegetables listed below are seasonal produce. They are not available year around or even throughout the spring, summer or fall. To find out more about when they are available, please check out our Harvest Calendar.

Mesclun Mix From June Through September

One of the most popular purchases of our customers is called mesclun mix. This has become very popular with diet and health conscious people. Our mesclun mix consists of over 30 different salad 'greens' grown on the farm and washed, spun dry and bagged for sale. Naturally Cindy's fruit vinegars go very well on the mesclun. We also have over 50 different preserves made by Naturally Cindy's.  New last summer is fresh pesto, in season, which has become a real favorite of our customers.

Spinach or Basil in a Bag From June Through August

Our spinach and basil are very popular with customers as well. We grow them on them on the farm, pick and wash them thoroughly and page them for our customers.

Strawberries in Late June and September to October

Strawberries are clearly one of the favorite fruits grown on the farm. Like all strawberry growers, we have them in abundant supply in late June to the first week or two in July. But we grow a second crop in for the fall. That way, we have nice, fresh strawberries from the field from late August until frost in late October.

Tomatoes from May to October

Customers come from far away for our extra special tomatoes which are available in late May into late summer when the field tomatoes come on and are available. Besides looking beautiful, they are also have a fantastic taste. We grow the following eight varieties of tomatoes in our greenhouse
                1. Trust                2. Quest                3. Blitz                4. Grace
                5. Big Beef           6. KR 453             7. DRK 452        8. Camelia

Melons From Heaven in the Fall

As you can observe from the above, we grow many kinds of fruits and vegetables which are very, very popular with our customers. Another very popular produce is melons. We grow over 40 varieties of melons. Some are very sweet. Some are very fragrant. Some are very flavorful. Melons begin to ripen in September and are ready for picking throughout the fall.

Cucumbers, Beans, Peas, Beets and Potatoes

Of course, we did not forget some of the common vegetables which everyone seems to take for granted. We are referring to cucumbers, beans, peas, beets and potatoes. We grow these and they are ready for pick up at the farm. Beans, peas and beets become available in late June or early July. Potatoes are available in September and October.

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