Pick Your Own Fruits and Vegetables

The principal objective in the business plan of Acorn Creek Garden Farm when it began operations in 1987 was to enable individuals and families to pick their own fruits and vegetables. Although this is still popular with many customers, it is now a small part of the business.

Strawberries in Late June and August-October

Over 200 varieties of pick-our-own fruits and vegetables are grown at the Acorn Creek Garden Farm. The most popular pick-your-own fruit or vegetable by far is strawberries. Over a dozen varieties of strawberries are grown on the farm in two crops. The first crop matures in late June. This is the most popular time for families to pick strawberries for eating and preserving. The second crop matures in mid-to-late August and are available for picking until frost in October.

Pick Your Own Peas, Beans, Asparagus, Rhubarb and Other Vegetables

Some of the other popular pick-your-own fruits and vegetables include beans, peas, asparagus, corn, and rhubarb.

Pleas check our Farm Fresh This Week page to see what fruits and vegetables are freh now.

Check the Acorn Creek Garden Farm Harvest Calendar for Season Availability.

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